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We collect damaged, abandoned bicycles and they are repaired by reintegrationworkers to help them back on the labor market.

Rent a Bike!

We also offer a bike rental service, from 5 euro per day! Contact us on Facebook for more information about the bikes and prices.

Members wanted!

The Save a Bike team is currently looking for new members to support us in this project! Send an email to or contact us on Facebook.
About our project

About our project

Many reintegration workers are having a hard time getting back on the labor market. Often, this is becayse they are missing skills that could make them more valuable to employers, and therefore, they are looking for a way to learn something new.

In the city of Tilburg there are a lot of bikes that are being left behind, all broken or neglected. These bikes are collected every once in a while by the municipality, but will then lose their function.

In collaboration with our partner company MSN Tilburg, we combine the willingness to work and to learn of the reintegration workers with the neglected bike problem in Tilburg. The reintegration workers are educated so that they can develop skills as a bike mechanic. The reintegration workers will learn specific skills such as repairing bikes, planning, team collaboration and other general skills that are needed in the workplace. The bikes are then painted a bright blue and sold to students for an affordable price. This should also hopefully result in a reduction in bike theft.

By collecting and recycling damaged, abandoned bicycles, we aim to clean up the environment of Tilburg. Also, we are tackling problems of unemployment by educating individuals with a distance to the labor market. The experiences they gain within the Save a Bike project will aid them in finding a suitable job.