Buy a Bike!

We collect abandoned bicycles that have been seized by the municipality. These are repaired by us and by MSN Goirle, an organisation that employs people with a mild handicap. You can buy these bikes, starting at €65!

Rent a Bike!

We also offer a bike rental service. The price is just €3,50 a day and €12,50 a month! Contact/visit us or check out the 'services' section of our Facebook page for more information about the bikes and prices.

Making an appointment

Send us a message on Facebook or send an email to to make an appointment. Appointments can be made outside of opening hours. The opening hours apply without appointments.


Buying a Bike (now with 10% discount!)

  • Simple: €65
  • Regular: €75
  • Deluxe: €85

Renting a Bike (excluding €50 deposit)

  • €3,50 a day
  • €12,50 a month


  • Fixing flat tire: €10
  • Front inner tire replacement: €12,50
  • Back inner tire replacement: €15
  • Front outer tire replacement: €20
  • Back outer tire replacement: €25
  • Front spoke replacement: €10 base price + €1 per spoke
  • Back spoke replacement: €15  base price + €1 per spoke
  • Tightening chain: €5
  • Replacing chain: €15
  • Shortening chain: €10
  • Replacing pedals: €5
  • Front rim tape replacement: €5
  • Back rim tape replacement: €7
  • Wheel replacement and other repairs: by request

Shelf items

  • Ring lock: €6,50
  • Tire pump: €6
  • Bike bell: €2,50
  • Single light: €2
  • Two lights: €3

Selling a Bike

Interested in selling your bike? Stop by during our opening hours or leave a message and we’ll negotiate the price!

Note: Payment in our store is exclusively by card.