Save A Bike – Website Disclaimer

Save A Bike – Website Disclaimer

All content on this website page is copyrighted material and owned by the Save A Bike association. You may use web pictures, logos and contents for only non-lucrative and informational reasons according to fair use of online content.

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Limitations of liability

Schedule hours are not binding: we may keep the shop closed inside of the posted opening hours if student volunteers are not available for presence at those time slots. We will inform customers accordingly.

We may not be able to perform a sale if chosen items run out of stock in our inventory. We reserve the right to change our item prices at any time: once we do, we will update the website and inform customers accordingly.

We do not hold any responsibility for the level of utility and/or enjoyment that you gain from the purchase and use of our product. In addition, we cannot promise that this derived utility will always match the level of your expectations for such products.

We provide our service “as is”, meaning that no other legal or financial obligations can be derived from our mutual transaction except for the warrant when that is included on the service.

We decline any responsibility in the case a past or recent customer causes damage or bodily harm while using one of our products incorrectly or not following road rules. 

Our bikes and products are meant to be used for short travelling of one rider/user at moderate speed respecting rules of road safety. We are not responsible for any physical damage and bodily harm that occurs when our products are used for any purposes that are not these.

The bikes in our store are all second hand and therefore of lower quality, that have been repaired and refitted for use at the best of our abilities. Malfunctions and damage may still occur, especially if these are not used properly by the customer. Purchase and use at your own risk.